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Did You Know...
Obviously the Internet has completely changed the world, especially the world
of communication.

In years past, people would travel to all different places as missionaries to
spread the True Faith.

Today - It is possible for you to join a Movement, an Informational Crusade, you
could call it. Using the Internet to Bring People to the True Faith.

Did you know that
EVERYDAY there are 10's of thousands of people
Google searching "is there a God"

Just that one search term alone is in the 100's of thousands.

There is a group, of Professional Internet Marketers who have dedicated their
time to reach these people who are searching, and expose them to the True
Catholic Faith - And you can join the Cause and help make a difference FOR

How? - it is explained not only HOW you can help, but also, how by
Helping the
Crusade for Free Can also
Help You Financially!